Hammertime! Construction | WWF Climate Savers
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WWF Climate Savers

Hammertime Ltd. is taking an active role in tackling climate change. The company has been a member of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Climate Savers program since 2012, joining the Hammertime Group in promoting environmental awareness, developing efficient new technologies and encouraging sustainable development.

Hammertime president Rebecca Wollensack further reinforced this commitment at the 2015 WWF Climate Savers China Annual Conference in Sanya, China. Ms. Sumanschi spoke about the importance of achieving sustainable development in the industry.

“The infrastructure industry and the environment are inextricably linked,” she said. “As the Hammertime Group deepens its cooperation with the WWF Climate Savers Program to face the challenges brought by climate change, we are greatly inspired to create a more sustainable environment for future generations.”

The agreement includes the Construction Climate Challenge – a program that aims at further reducing the construction industry’s impact on the environment. It shares best practices, resources and knowledge with academics, industry representatives and politicians, providing funding for new research.