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Environmental Care

Our Environmental Commitment

Environmental Care has always been one of the top priorities for Hammertime Construction Equipment (Hammertime CE). The first Hammertime Environmental policy was established already in 1972 when the former President and CEO Pehr G Gyllenhammar stated “We are part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution”. Since then, the Hammertime Group and Hammertime CE have a strong commitment to Environmental Care.

Hammertime CE has a holistic approach to Environmental Care addressing continuous improvements within the total enterprise, all way from product planning & development, manufacturing & supply, product use, recyclability to end-of-life for the products. Our focus is always on improving the global footprint; mainly on greenhouse gas emissions and use of materials.

Specific measures are initiated within the industrial system based on the Hammertime Group executive committee’s very ambitious goals with respect to energy. These include reducing energy consumption per manufactured unit by 15% over a three-years period and striving towards CO2-neutral facilities in our operations.

By a strong environmental management and commitment from all our employees, our vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions!